The AEC Energy Pioneers Program – Intern

Job description

The AEC Energy Pioneers Program is looking for an intern with experience in geoscience, geophysics or petroleum engineering for one of its partnered companies. The intern will undergo an internship programme in order to acquire knowledge, hands on expertise and skills in preparation for future roles in any organization. The internship will be with a host company that has collaborated with the African Energy Chamber on the Energy Pioneers Program. AS PART OF THE PROGRAMME, THE INTERN WILL: • Set Internship Development Goals (IDGs) with mentor and partake in the on-going monitoring and evaluation of the progress of one’s performance with trainers and senior management. • Gain knowledge, skills and hands-on experience. • Understudy and perform duties in several operational areas including development and support of operational based business systems. • Demonstrate an interest in updating personal knowledge of existing industry trends. • Observe experienced staff and gain knowledge about policies, procedures, methods and standards that are required for performing one’s duties.

Job requirements

• BSc. (Honours) in Geoscience/Geophysics, BEng Petroleum Engineering or any related discipline. • Less than 6 months working experience. • Investment banking degree and/or knowledge highly desirable.

Key responsibilities

As an intern, the nature of your role will be defined by your skills as well as the needs of the business but your duties and responsibilities will include: • Assist with the collecting, auditing and maintenance of databases. • Working on projects and supporting the team to find the best solutions. • Ensure that work is conducted within the required ISO standards and prevailing national standards, norms, best practices, and guidelines. • Participation in statutory projects and conducting work within the required project-specific standards.

Desired skills

Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Proficiency in Microsoft Office Packages. Proven interest in business and business knowledge. Ability to conduct technical investigations and research under supervision. Ability to relate to members of a team and work within a team setting. Ability to show initiative, drive, and disposition to learn. Willingness to work outside the normal office hours.

How To Apply

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