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The African Women Business Energy Network (AWBEN) is a platform created to advocate for women towards career advancement in the energy industry by connecting them and women-owned businesses in the African region to highly competitive market opportunities and multinational buyers. This initiative sees the development of women in the energy industry as imperative.

According to the International Energy Agency, despite making up 39% of the global labour force, women only account for 22% of the traditional energy sector. For management levels, the numbers are even lower. Furthermore, the barriers women face in the energy sector are similar to those they face elsewhere in the economy. However, the challenges of the energy sector are more pressing since the sector is going through a process of transformation; clean energy transitions will require innovative solutions and business models to be adopted and greater participation from a diverse talent pool.

AWBEN will be the pivotal connector between women in energy and industry opportunities.

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African Energy Chamber Releases Q1 2022 Oil and Gas Outlook

The African Energy Chamber (AEC), is proud to announce the release of the AEC Q1 2022 Outlook, “The State of African Energy” – a comprehensive report analyzing the trends shaping both the global and African oil and gas market in 2022