Pioneers Program

The AEC Energy Pioneers Program aims to upskill the future generation of African leaders with the right tools to pursue a successful career in the energy sector, not limiting themselves to the African continent, but rather spreading their African roots.
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About The Internship

The AEC Energy Pioneers Program bridges the gap between academia and the workplace, while providing opportunities for Africans to gain practical skills.

The Internship Program will facilitate the development of young energy leaders of today by sharing knowledge and skills that can build, grow and change the way we see energy in the 21st century.

The African Energy Chamber acts as the pilot, navigating and kickstarting the interns’ profession into broader, clearer and tested horizons. We want to further gender equality objectives by encouraging female participation in the Program.

Main Objectives of the Internship Program

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Energy Pioneers Program is aimed at


How it Works


Submit an online application through the African Energy Chamber website


Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the African Energy Chamber


Shortlisted candidates will be matched with companies and organizations

Final Interview

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by selected companies


Orientation of accepted candidates will begin with company or organization

Why Companies Participate in the Program

How the AEC Contributes