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Thank You. We’ve Got Work To DO In 2022

I want to thank you for an amazing 2021 and let me be one of the many to wish you a happy, prosperous and healthy 2022.

Dear valued member,

I want to thank you for an amazing 2021 and let me be one of the many to wish you a happy, prosperous and healthy 2022.

If someone asked you to tell the story of the oil and gas industry in Africa, how would you start? Would you dwell on missteps of the past or paint a bright picture of the future?

Would you like to join us in telling the real story, which is far more nuanced and interesting? With your help and support, your beloved African Energy Chamber has discussed what’s happening in Africa’s oil and gas sector in 2021 and what needs to happen in 2022.

You have helped us take notice of the growing number of women working in the oil and gas industry, and we celebrate their contributions. We will continue to make the case for tapping more deeply into Africa’s multi-faceted talent pool.

In 2021, we tracked the growing number of African countries using competitive bidding processes to bring their oil and gas assets to the attention of investors, and we encourage these countries to adopt solutions such as fast-tracking licenses so they can improve outcomes.

We examine local content initiatives so we can figure out what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right — and encourage conversations about how to do even better.

We’re committed not only to telling the story of what’s happening in African energy but also to playing a role in writing the next chapters; always with an emphasis on increased prosperity and stability for everyday Africans.

Adding renewables to Africa’s energy mix will be a win-win for African communities and the environment. But increasingly, the global community seems to be pushing Africa to transition to green energy at a breakneck pace and — just as quickly — to say goodbye to our oil and gas industry.

With your support, the African Energy Chamber has become an invaluable advocate for Africa’s energy industry during this time. We’ve been calling for a well-planned, strategic approach to our energy transition that considers the needs of Africans, today and tomorrow. We don’t mind asking the big questions, like how Africa’s energy transition will be funded. I personally don’t mind taking the heat. Someone has to take the heat, an better it be me than the little guy.

The AEC continues to be a voice for hundreds of millions throughout Africa who lack access to electricity — Africans who could benefit greatly from gas-to-power programs. Making Energy Poverty History by 2030 must be our priority.

While we believe that the continent has become increasingly attractive to investors, but the lack of transparency is keeping us from reaching our full potential. Better policymaking would help, but Africans can’t just count on foreign countries as examples. That’s why we encourage everyone to believe in the Chamber creed “free markets, personal responsibility, less regulation, low taxes, limited government, individual liberties, and economic empowerment will boost African energy markets and economies”. This is what we stand for and “we should fight against a new aid and entitlement culture that many Africans are moving towards”.

I personally thank you for the HUGE support of African Energy Week. It was amazing. Everyone counted us out, but you were that silent majority that stood with us. African Energy Week 2022 is already an event to look forward to. We stand for something; we believe in energy, and we believe energy deals should be done well and must be done quickly.

Thank you for your continued support, participation and membership. You have become a critical part of our successful work, helped us withstand every pressure and you are vital to our future work for the energy sector. With your support, expertise, and financial contributions, we’ll succeed.

In a world where energy discussions have become more polarizing, we continue to push for a balanced, pro-energy, honest and fair-minded dialogue. Please join in our work by making a DONATION before the end of the year. We need to fund our work and we need to keep going.

On behalf of everyone at the African Energy Chamber, I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2022.

NJ Ayuk 

Executive Chairman , African Energy Chamber  

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