Rémi Mouchel

Rémi Mouchel, 54 years old, received degrees in Geology from The Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie in Nancy and in Geophysics from IFP School. He spent more than 25 years with Beicip-Franlab starting as software developer when the Company entered the E&P software market. His copybook career brought him to various commercial and management positions where he gained an international experience in key countries for Beicip-Franlab (Brazil, Libya, Malaysia, Russia, USA, and Venezuela). He became Director of E&P Software activity in October 2004, Consulting and Software Commercial Director in 2015 and was member of the Executive Committee until 2017.

He joined IFP Training, the IFP Group branch for life-long professional training, in 2017 as Director E&P. Since July 2019, he has been appointed as Director of Operations and Chairman of the Executive Board.