Eric.A Williams

A geoscientist and former Minister for Energy in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (2002–2005), Eric Anthony Williams has over 30 years experience in the petroleum and minerals exploration industries. As a skilled international negotiator with considerable executive management experience, Mr. Williams heads Royal Triangle Energy Solutions Limited as its Principal Consultant and President.

Williams started his energy career at the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (where he would later return as Minister) and later at the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago where he was involved in prospect generation, regional velocity, and geophysical studies and technical support. Graduating to the post of Processing Centre Manager for the then Western Geophysical Division of Baker Hughes, Trinidad Office, he managed a team of data processing professionals and trained local seismic data processors and technicians.

Before branching out into the international world of energy, Williams put his skill and knowledge to the ultimate test. He became the Chief Executive Officer of his own seismic data brokerage and seismic data interpretation firm from 1999–2002. Within this period, he provided consultancy services for domestic and international oil companies operating within Trinidad and Tobago.