Ann Norman

Ann Norman, a business executive with years of experience working in the energy and oil and gas sectors in across Africa. She currently lives in Nigeria, where she works with oil and gas producers across the continent to drive greater penetration of gas to market. As General Manager for Africa at Pioneer Energy, her primary goal was to assist oil and gas companies eliminate and monetize their associated gas flares through the advent and introduction of Midstream on Demand to African markets. The lack of midstream options for offtake of products led her to found Midstream Africa.

Additionally, Ms. Norman has significant experience directing investments into Sub-Saharan African economies across various sectors which include not only oil and gas (midstream and upstream), but agriculture, infrastructure, banking, hotels, the airline industry and renewable energy.

Ms. Norman is a veteran of Wall Street Investor Relations (IR). She was a Vice President at Coltrin & Associates, an international IR firm based in NYC. Her focus was on merger and acquisitions, IPOs, Leveraged Buyouts and private placement fundraises. Projects she led include GE Healthcare’s acquisition of Intermountain Health Care’s Electronic Medical Records (the first ever EMR to be developed), the IPO of Burger King, Cosmedicine’s startup and launch to the international luxury beauty market through backing by LVMH, and a $200 million private sector placement to finance the for-profit UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Sub Saharan Africa Microfinance Initiative.