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Energy investors can reap tremendous rewards in Africa, and most importantly, they can help play a considerable role in helping the people, businesses and communities where they set up shop. AEC members have access to unique opportunities and exclusives benefits.

Over 70% of the oil and gas industry across the African continent entrusts us to represent, advocate and support our energy sector, its companies and its workers. We have unrivalled business relationships, working with some of the most successful companies and institutions in the industry to support our members.

The African Energy Chamber promotes collaboration and excellence.

We are the home for indigenous and international companies, entrepreneurs, individuals as well as governments, nongovernmental organisations and research institutions. We are the strategic partner for several energy and petroleum, ministries, and have led policy-making efforts for over a decade.

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The African Energy Chamber is the only network on the African continent that represents all facets of the energy industry. We have created an environment that allows the energy sector to speak with a single, united and powerful voice when it comes to advocating on behalf of our members, employees, host communities, investors, local companies and international companies. We’re extremely proud of that and extremely proud to represent our members around the world.

NJ Ayuk

Executive Chairman, African Energy Chamber