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Elizabeth Rogo Appointed Board Member The National Oil Corporation of Kenya

Elizabeth Rogo’s vast experience within the energy sector will help the National Oil Corporation of Kenya enhance operations within the upstream, middle stream and downstream segments.

Elizabeth Rogo’s vast experience within the energy sector will help the National Oil Corporation of Kenya enhance operations within the upstream, middle stream and downstream segments.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) – the voice of the African energy sector – congratulates AEC East African President, Elizabeth Rogo, on her appointment as board member of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya. An engineer by profession with over 21 years of experience in the energy industry, Rogo is expected to drive the National Oil Corporation of Kenya’s efforts to improve oil and gas exploration, production, monetization and exploitation.

Rogo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TSAVO Oilfield Services – a leading Kenyan energy consultancy with strong international and East Africa experience. Having led oil and gas operations for international companies such as BJ Services, Baker Hughes and Weatherford in the U.S, the UK, Angola, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique; Rogo’s experience is critical in boosting oil and gas exploration, production and exploitation to help Kenya address energy poverty and accelerate economic growth.

Kenya’s over four billion barrels of proven crude oil reserves and a largely underdeveloped natural gas sector will be vital to improve energy access in the country. The appointment of Rogo as a board member of the National Oil Corporation is a game changer in that direction. With fossil fuels accounting for 32.5% of Kenya’s energy mix, Rogo’s experience in oil and gas production will help shape the country’s direction in optimizing oil production to meet domestic energy needs.

Despite having massive oil reserves, Kenya is a net oil and fuel importer and spends large amounts of money on importation, a development that is straining the country’s economy. In addition, with recent geopolitics development such as the Russian-Ukraine war increasing the global prices for crude oil, the vulnerability of Kenya’s economy to global price volatility has further intensified, highlighting the need for Kenya to up its game in exploiting domestic energy resources. Forces like Rogo are vital in enabling Kenya to achieve this.

Moreover, with a lack of adequate investments having restrained the growth of Kenya’s hydrocarbons segment over the past years, Rogo’s experience in growing strong strategic partnerships with TSAVO Oilfield Services and as a Business Development Manager with Weatherford will be critical in helping the National Oil Corporation of Kenya to attract foreign direct investments to enhance midstream and downstream infrastructure development.

In addition, with Kenya seeking to optimize the monetization of its oil resources to drive GDP growth, which the World Bank anticipates will expand by 5% in 2022, Rogo’s Sales and Marketing experience with Baker Hughes will help the National Oil Corporation to optimize the marketing of petroleum products.

“The AEC applauds the Kenyan government with its continued efforts in ensuring gender diversity within the energy sector. We believe forces like Elizabeth Rogo will help this NOC become a world class corporation that meets our energy needs of the future but also remain instrumental in ensuring energy poverty is addressed in Kenya and across the African continent by 2030 through the exploitation of domestic resources,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of AEC, adding that “The AEC is also confident that Kenya’s energy sector is headed for success with the appointment of a strong fighter and role model like Rogo. Stakeholders like Rogo will be influential in helping Africa to develop its own narrative of what a just and inclusive energy transition looks like. This is what we will also be discussing at the upcoming African Energy Week.”

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