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Anthem Award Honours Mr. NJ Ayuk, for Ground-breaking Book “A Just Transition”

Mr NJ Ayuk, has been honoured with the distinguished Anthem Award for his ground-breaking book, "A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix."

Mr NJ Ayuk, has been honoured with the distinguished Anthem Award for his ground-breaking book, “A Just Transition: Making Energy Poverty History with an Energy Mix.” The accolade recognises Mr. Ayuk’s exceptional contributions in two vital categories: Responsible Technology and Sustainability and Environment & Climate.

In a heartfelt acceptance speech, Mr. Ayuk expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasised the bittersweet nature of the accomplishment. He acknowledged the critical challenges faced by Africa, including the dire consequences of unreliable power on maternal health and the staggering statistic of 600 million Africans lacking access to electricity.

“A Just Transition” sheds light on the harsh realities confronting the continent, from environmental threats to the pressing need for sustainable solutions. Mr. Ayuk underscored the urgency of addressing these challenges, emphasising the essential role of oil and gas in powering Africa’s industrial growth.

Delving into the Responsible Technology category, Mr. Ayuk explored the delicate balance between innovation and ethical responsibility. He highlighted the need for careful consideration in the face of rapid technological progress, as decisions made today shape the future for generations to come.

In the Sustainability, Environment & Climate category, Mr. Ayuk drew attention to the profound sadness surrounding the planet’s ecosystems and the undeniable impact of human activities. However, he also identified a motivating spark within this sadness—an urgent call to action embedded in the core of “A Just Transition.”

The Anthem Award serves as more than a personal triumph; it is a collective call to action. Mr. Ayuk urged everyone to view the recognition as an opportunity for positive change, emphasizing that the sadness we feel can propel us toward a more sustainable and equitable future.

As the African Energy Chamber celebrates this momentous achievement, Mr. Ayuk concludes with a powerful call to action: “Let us continue to Drill, Baby, Drill. Together, let us transform the sadness into motivation, the challenges into opportunities, and the words of ‘A Just Transition’ into a living anthem for a brighter and more sustainable world.”

The Anthem Awards, stand as a beacon of recognition for individuals and organisations making significant contributions to various fields, encompassing Responsible Technology and Sustainability, Environment & Climate. These awards aim to celebrate and honour those who demonstrate exceptional commitment and innovation in addressing pressing global challenges.

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