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SLB’s Wallace Pescarini to Speak at Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris

Wallace Pescarini, President for Offshore Atlantic at SLB, will participate at the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris, driving the discussion on technology, infrastructure and the role service companies play in expanding Africa’s energy sector.

Wallace Pescarini, President for Offshore Atlantic at SLB, will participate at the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris, driving the discussion on technology, infrastructure and the role service companies play in expanding Africa’s energy sector.

Wallace Pescarini, President for Offshore Atlantic at global technology company, SLB, will speak at the African Energy Chamber’s (AEC) Invest in African Energy Forum, to be held at the Westin Paris Vendome on 1 June. As the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris aims to explore investment opportunities in technology and infrastructure across Africa’s energy sector, the inclusion of Pescarini as a speaker will be instrumental for expanding dialogue and ushering in new deals.

Playing a pivotal role as the President for Offshore Atlantic at SLB (previously Schlumberger) since 2020, Pescarini’s key responsibilities include shaping SLB’s strategy, overseeing business performance, and driving ESG projects across offshore markets across the globe. With this extensive experience in the energy industry, Pescarini’s presence at the Forum signals the recognition and importance of Africa as a key player in the global energy landscape.

With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the oil and gas industry, Pescarini has garnered extensive experience in both management and engineering roles across multiple regions. His work has taken him to Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, giving him a global perspective on the sector. This breadth of exposure enables him to bring a unique vision and leadership skills to his current position, where he, under SLB, strives to expedite the transformation of the energy industry into a competitive and sustainable energy sector.

Pescarini began his professional journey in 1997 at SLB in offshore, deepwater Brazil. Through various roles and extensive experience, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the energy sector. With a master’s degree in business management from Erasmus University in the Netherlands and a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering from UNIFEI in Brazil, Pescarini combines practical expertise with academic knowledge, making him well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the industry.

Pescarini’s presence at the Forum gives him an opportunity to leverage his expertise and industry knowledge to advocate for the development of the African energy sector. His global vision and leadership skills will be instrumental for highlighting the challenges and opportunities specific to the region. By sharing his insights and experiences, he can help shape the narrative around investing in African energy, emphasizing its feasibility, profitability, and positive impact on the continent’s economic growth and social development.

What’s more, SLB’s endeavors in Africa’s energy sector epitomize a comprehensive spectrum of services, solutions, and initiatives. Through the provision of cutting-edge technologies, digital innovations, expert project management, and an unwavering dedication to sustainability, the company assumes a profound role in bolstering the expansion, efficiency, and conscientious advancement of Africa’s valuable energy resources.
In 2023, SLB took the initiative to open its cutting-edge regional office in Lagos, Nigeria, specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of the West African region. This milestone reflects SLB’s proactive commitment to enhance the employee experience and cultivate a sustainable business environment that actively benefits all stakeholders. By establishing such an environment, SLB aims to foster the growth and prosperity of investments in Africa’s thriving energy sector, further solidifying the company’s steadfast dedication to contributing to the region’s development.

During this significant move, Pescarini emphasized the invaluable role played by stakeholders in enabling SLB to fulfill its mission of pioneering groundbreaking technology that expands access to energy for the benefit of all. Looking ahead to the future and the ever-evolving energy landscape, he demonstrated SLB’s unwavering dedication to deliver exceptional value to customers and key stakeholders in Nigeria. At the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris, Pescarini will have the opportunity to attract more stakeholders to invest in the company’s cutting-edge technology and innovations aimed at accelerating Africa’s energy sector.

“In attending the Forum, Wallace Pescarini, representing SLB, sends a resounding message about Africa’s potential as a hub for sustainable and lucrative investments. The presence of SLB, alongside Pescarini’s unwavering dedication to expedite the energy industry’s transformation, perfectly aligns with our collective objectives of fostering economic growth, job creation, and responsible energy development across the continent,” states NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the AEC, adding that, “Through collaborative efforts, we can unlock Africa’s vast energy potential and forge a path toward a prosperous and sustainable future.”

Pescarini’s attendance at the Forum will be key for facilitating partnerships and collaborations with other industry leaders, investors, and stakeholders. By engaging in discussions, networking, and sharing best practices, he is expected to solifidy mutually beneficial relationships. This collaboration can lead to innovative solutions, increased investment flows, and the establishment of sustainable energy projects in Africa.

Taking place on June 1, 2023, the Invest in African Energy Forum in Paris is open to all guests and RSVP is essential. RSVP to [email protected]

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