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Verner Ayukegba

Verner is a Senior Vice President with the African Energy Chamber where he leads the organisations international outreach and public policy initiatives. In that role, he works with governments and a wide range of stakeholders to craft policies that would ease investments into
Africa s energy sector. He is also a director at the Johannesburg – based DMWA Resources, where he heads the firm’s energy and financial services consulting practice. He was until recently, the Principal Analyst for Sub-Saharan Africa at the IHS Markit on Economics and Country Risk. In his role, he helps institutional clients structure investment decisions prior and price risk in major Sub-Saharan African economies. Prior to joining IHS Markit, Verner was a Finance Director for a regional oil and gas company in East Africa based out of South Sudan. Verner also has experience as a management consultant, during which he helped clients negotiate with banks, other financial institutions and central banks. He started his career in financial services, working for Fidelity International and State Street Global Advisors in London. Verner is a frequent speaker at conferences and commentator in the media on African issues. Verner received an MBA from Kingston University London. He is fluent in English, French, and German and is an avid traveller.

African Energy Chamber Releases Q1 2022 Oil and Gas Outlook

The African Energy Chamber (AEC), is proud to announce the release of the AEC Q1 2022 Outlook, “The State of African Energy” – a comprehensive report analyzing the trends shaping both the global and African oil and gas market in 2022