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Energy Poverty: Sahara Group promotes intra-African collaboration at Africa Energy Week 2023

Sahara Group is poised to underscore its advocacy for increased intra-African collaboration and investments aimed at improving energy access across the continent during Africa Energy Week.

Leading energy conglomerate Sahara Group is set to reinforce its call for more intra-African collaboration and investments towards enhancing access to energy on the continent at the Africa Energy Week (AEW) 2023 Conference & Exhibition, scheduled to hold in Cape Town on October 16 – 20.

AEW brings together leaders, innovators, and experts in the energy sector to discuss and shape the future of energy in Africa. Under the theme ‘The African Energy Renaissance: Prioritizing Energy Poverty, People, the Planet, Industrialization and Free Markets’ key conversations at the event will include bringing energy responsibly to more than 600 million people in Africa without access to electricity and over 900 million with no access to clean cooking fuel, among other energy needs in Africa.

Bethel Obioma, Head of Corporate Communications at Sahara Group, emphasized that the company’s delegation to AEW is dedicated to actively engaging in panel discussions and strategic meetings. Their primary objective is to foster a shared vision of collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders with the aim of enhancing capacity, improving efficiency, increasing productivity and promoting sustainability throughout the entire energy value chain in Africa.

“African governments and businesses need to join forces as the continent navigates the path of strategies, policies and investments required to deliver a sustainable future for Africa’s energy sector. Collaboration across-the-board will transmit a clear message that Africa is united in its drive towards a just energy transition that ensures access and affordability, leaving no one behind,” he added.

Sahara Group’s delegation includes, Ejiro Gray, Director, Governance and Sustainability, Sahara Group; Emmanuel Magani, Managing Director, Sahara Group Limited; Henry Menkiti, Chief Operating Officer, Asharami Energy (A Sahara Group Upstream Company); Nicolas Mignot, Chief Financial Officer, Sahara Energy International Geneva and Dr. Tosin Etomi, Head, Commercial and Planning, Asharami Energy.

Gray who will be a participant on the panel, ‘Building Value and Promoting Investment through Local Content and Capacity Building’ notes that Africa needs policy harmonisation to stimulate a surge in transactions within Africa’s energy sector. The session, which is powered by Sahara Group, will focus on examining policies, incentives and frameworks aimed at empowering the competitiveness of African companies.

Magani joins the session ‘The Game Changer: Examining African Gas Development Strategies and Investment Opportunities”, as the continent looks to gas as a transition fuel, while Menkiti’s panel will focus on “Unlocking hidden value: Maximising Revenue in Africa’s Mature Fields.’

Dr. Etomi’s panel is themed ‘The African Energy Renaissance: Reinforcing African Priorities Amidst the Global Energy Transition’ and Mignot, will speak at the panel on ‘LPG: An Integral Component of Energy Access for All.’

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