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African Energy Chamber and Gazprom to Host International Gas Roundtable to Discuss Economic Development and the Role of Gas on a Global Scale

With noteworthy gas projects underway in Africa, the International Gas Round table hosted by the African Energy Chamber and Gazprom, serves as a perfect platform to propel industry forward.

The African Energy Chamber (AEC) and Russia’s Gazprom are joining forces to host the prestigious International Gas Roundtable, an exclusive event dedicated to highlighting the pivotal role of gas in fostering economic development. Taking place on June 22, 2023, at the esteemed Leonardo Hotel in Johannesburg, this gathering will bring together industry experts, government officials, business leaders and media representatives for insightful discussions and impactful deliberations.

With Africa boasting a significant 620 trillion cubic feet gas reserves, the role of gas to transform the continent’s energy sector cannot be understated. Under the theme ‘The Benefits of Natural Gas for the Population and the Economy,’ this one-day event will feature engaging roundtable discussions and thought-provoking presentations from experts at Gazprom, as well as representatives from various African countries. The aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster collaboration, and promote the sustainable development of gas resources across the African continent for the benefit of local economies.

The event will attract prominent energy industry professionals, government regulators, business leaders, experts, and media representatives from South Africa, Algeria, Angola, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea. This diverse gathering of stakeholders will provide a unique platform to explore innovative strategies, share best practices, and shape the future of the gas sector in Africa.

Playing a pivotal role in ensuring energy security and supporting the energy transition, gas serves as an important component within Africa’s energy landscape. Several African nations have become significant gas producers, such as Algeria which boasts abundant natural gas reserves and has established itself as a gas exporter; and Nigeria who has produced gas to diversify its energy mix along with its production of oil. Meanwhile, Mozambique has also emerged as a notable key player in the gas industry with significant offshore discoveries and its recent achievement of its Coral Sul’s first shipment of liquefied natural Gas to Croatia. By harnessing their gas resources, these African countries are not only bolstering their energy security but also diversifying their economies and attracting investments in infrastructure, power generation, and industrial sectors.

The collaboration between the African Energy Chamber and Gazprom signifies a significant milestone for the gas industry in Africa. Gazprom, a renowned global energy company, brings a wealth of expertise in various facets of the energy sector, including exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing, and sale of gas, gas condensate and oil. Additionally, its involvement extends to the generation and marketing of heat and electric power. With Gazprom’s extensive knowledge and experience, its valuable insights and perspectives is set to contribute immensely to the event. This collaboration not only showcases the AEC’s commitment to fostering partnerships with industry leaders but also highlights its dedication to driving sustainable development and growth in the African gas industry. Together, the AEC and Gazprom, along with African leaders and industry role-players, aim to unlock the immense potential of the gas industry in Africa, fostering economic and sustainable development and bolstering energy security.

“We are thrilled to host this event in partnership with Gazprom, as it presents a remarkable opportunity for Africa to harness the transformative power of natural gas. The importance of gas in driving economic development cannot be overstated. By leveraging the expertise of Gazprom and tapping into the collective wisdom of industry leaders, government officials, and experts, we can pave the way for a sustainable energy future that propels Africa’s growth and prosperity,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

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