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AEC Celebrates Congo LNG Vessel Sail-Away, First Production Set for December 2023

Representing a major milestone for both the company and country, the Tango FLNG and Excalibur FSU vessels have set sail for the Republic of the Congo.

Representing a major milestone for both the company and country, the Tango FLNG and Excalibur FSU vessels have set sail for the Republic of the Congo.

Global energy company Eni celebrated the sail away of the Tango Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) and Excalibur Floating Storage Unit (FSU) vessels from Dubai to the shores of the Republic of the Congo. This significant milestone – which took place on October 21, 2023 in the presence of Congo’s Minister of Hydrocrbons Bruno Jean-Richard Itoua and Maixent Raoul Ominga, Managing Director of the Société nationale des pétroles du Congo – signals the imminent realization of the Congo LNG project’s first phase, slated to commence production in December 2023.

As the voice of the African energy sector and a strong advocate for the completion of large-scale Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects in Africa, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) commends both the Government of Congo and Eni for this milestone achievement.

The Tango FLNG boasts a liquefaction capacity of approximately one billion cubic meters per annum of gas (bcm) and will be anchored just 3km offshore alongside the Excalibur FSU vessel upon their arrival in Congo. The project capitalizes on Marine XII gas resources and utilizes existing production facilities in a phased approach that aims to achieve a gas liquefaction capacity of around 4.5 bcm at plateau. According to Eni, a second FLNG vessel is currently under construction and is slated for first-production by 2025.

Coupled with a commendable commitment to zero routine gas flaring, this project is poised to significantly advance gas production in the country, serving as a catalyst for long-term and sustainable growth. Additionally, this accomplishment holds significance for the Republic of the Congo as it positions the country to emerge as a formidable player in the global LNG market. The project not only addresses the country’s growing energy demands but also presents a unique opportunity to tap into surplus gas resources through LNG production. As a result, the Republic of the Congo is set to join the ranks of global of LNG exporters in record time.

In light of these developments, the AEC stands firmly in support of this monumental achievement. The AEC has long-been a fierce advocate for the role natural gas plays in Africa’s energy future, and projects such as this showcase the impact and drive of both international energy firms and African Governments to unlock the full potential of African gas. Both Minister Itoua and Ominga have been instrumental in getting this project off the ground, laying the foundation for a strong gas-based future in the Republic of the Congo.

The Congo LNG project not only exemplifies the Republic of the Congo’s commitment to responsible and sustainable energy production but also underscores the nation’s strategic positioning in the global energy landscape. With the sail away of the Tango FLNG unit and Excalibur FSU facility, the country is on track to unlock its full energy potential and make significant contributions to the global LNG market.

“The sail away of the Tango FLNG unit and the Excalibur FSU facility marks a pivotal moment in Africa’s energy landscape. It signifies the Republic of the Congo’s bold stride towards becoming a major LNG producer, aligning perfectly with the AEC’s vision for a gas-driven economy on the continent. Natural gas is undeniably the fuel of the future in Africa, and endeavors such as this are integral in propelling us towards a sustainable and prosperous energy future,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC.

Projects like the Congo LNG initiative serve as catalysts for the burgeoning gas economy in the continent. As December 2023 approaches, all eyes are on the Republic of the Congo as it prepares to kickstart its LNG production journey. This momentous event not only solidifies the nation’s position on the world stage but also paves the way for a future where natural gas will play a pivotal role in powering Africa’s prosperity. The AEC, along with the global energy community, eagerly awaits the dawn of this new era for the Republic of the Congo.

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