Why Join?

Why Join The AEC?

Energy investors can reap tremendous rewards in Africa, and most importantly, they can help play a considerable role in helping the people, businesses and communities where they set up shop.

AEC members have access to unique opportunities and exclusive benefits, which include:

  • A wide network of contacts of potential investors and partners for the Africa energy industry
  • Access to a pool of policy makers and seasoned experts in the African energy industry
  • Wide media coverage within Africa and beyond
  • Special access to AEC stakeholders
  • Access to AEC information database and industry updates

The African Energy Chamber welcomes:

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Mining companies
  • Power companies
  • Renewables companies
  • Government organizations
  • Investment banks and other financial institutions
  • Legal and other advisory firms

Your place in the African energy industry is here

Partners of the African Energy Chamber have the power to shape Africa’s energy future by promoting growth, fostering collaboration, shaping policy, and providing leadership and guidance in the fast-growing energy sector.

Join us at the forefront of the African Energy Industry

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Natural resources are a pedestal for building nations, economies and wealth

Through building a strong network driven by common interests, the African Energy Chamber is determined to improve the landscape of the African energy sector, and explore the continent’s full potential in a way where our people benefit first.

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