Why Join The AEC? Energy investors can reap tremendous rewards in Africa, and most importantly, they can help play a considerable role in helping the people, businesses and communities where they set up shop. AEC members have access to unique opportunities and exclusive benefits.

Making a Positive Impact

In creating this platform, which fosters collaboration, we have placed indigenous people, companies and governments at the forefront of our model. Through this approach, governments and indigenous companies have been able to make measurable positive impacts towards a changing Africa.

Let’s Get To Work

The AEC collaborates with African and international partners across the government and private sector spectrum, in all areas of the energy industry. What could the AEC do for your organization?


Indigenous Companies

The AEC promotes and strives to create opportunities for African indigenous companies in the petroleum and power industries. This includes personnel training, job creation, community partnerships, and relationship building.


Governments and Public Sector

Change must be led by active and engaged government departments. The AEC works closely with energy ministries and policy makers to help deliver sustainable, beneficial and profitable energy sector growth.


International Companies

Put the AEC network to work for your company. We collaborate with companies that are looking to enter or expand in Africa, providing inside-track information and contacts to ensure success. Talk to us about partnerships to drive business forward.


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Partners of the African Energy Chamber have the power to shape Africa’s energy future by promoting growth, fostering collaboration, shaping policy, and providing leadership and guidance in the fast-growing energy sector.

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