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African Energy Chamber Endorses Energy Ops-Security Agora as Key Platform to Discuss the Physical Security of Africa’s Oil & Energy Sector
December 4, 2019

In line with the African Energy Chamber’s repeated calls on African governments and oil companies to do more to protect the security of energy infrastructure in Africa, the Chamber is endorsing Energy Ops-Security Agora (Agora Nexus).

Market access and cooperation will unlock opportunities in Africa’s energy sector
December 4, 2019

Africa’s energy sector is a catalyst for growth and development across the continent. Industry and investors need to stay abreast of the high-speed advances in the energy landscape.

African Energy Chamber calls for better fiscal terms and incentives to encourage exploration
December 3, 2019

In its latest African Energy Outlook 2020, the African Energy Chamber calls for sustained fiscal reforms to attract capital and technology into exploration in the continent.

Why Malabo Matters
December 2, 2019

The case for Africa in the grand scheme of natural gas

Our Commitment To OPEC-Non-OPEC Agreement Is Total Says Sylva As Nigeria Meets Opec Target
December 1, 2019

Nigeria has given assurance of its total commitment to the full implementation of the Agreement entered into by OPEC and 10 Non-OPEC Member States also known as the OPEC plus or the Declaration of Cooperation (DoC) Countries

Africa should be allowed to use its resources
November 29, 2019

The African Energy Chamber launches a petition against the idea that the continent should not explore its full hydrocarbon potential in the wake of the climate change debate.

The African Energy Chamber launches its African Energy Outlook for 2020
November 28, 2019

The African Energy Chamber is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural African Energy Outlook for 2020.

Download the African Energy Outlook 2020
November 28, 2019

Thank you for submitting your information. Please download the African Energy Outlook 2020 report by following the link below: Download report

The African Energy Chamber launches the Top 25 Movers and Shakers to Watch list
November 27, 2019

On Wednesday, the African Energy Chamber launched its inaugural Top 25 Movers and Shakers to Watch list.

5th GECF Summit Confirms Africa’s Potential as Future Global Gas Investment Hub
November 26, 2019

The 5th Gas Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) is convening in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea this week, attended by heads of state of GECF Member Countries and hundreds of African executives and leaders of the gas industry. As natural gas becomes a central pivot of Africa’s energy transition, the Summit will be supporting key developments shaping Africa’s natural gas sector while bringing global attention to the contribution African markets play in a growing global gas economy.