Turbine Specialist (Offshore)

October 31, 2020

Turbine Specialist (Offshore)

Name of Employer: SPIE Oil & Gas Services

Job Title: Turbine Specialist (Offshore)

Contract Type: Full-time

Job Location: Nigeria

Job Description: 

Since its creation, SPIE Oil & Gas Services mission as a service company has been to turn work into energy and vice versa. Over 3,000 engineers and technicians dedicate themselves everyday to live projects as adventures, in which risk-taking never exceeds preparation.

Job Requirements:

- Construction, installation
- Safety of personnel and installations
- Quality Assurance & Control
Management of personnel
- Knowledge of Rotating Machinery equipment
- Knowledge of Lifting equipment
- Knowledge of Exchangers, Valves and Piping

Key Responsibilites:

* Responsible for the Operation and Maintenance of the Akpo Turbo-generator package
* Organizes on site the maintenance operations which are related to turbo machines and auxiliaries and provide technical support, analysis and troubleshooting.
* Assists the planning team by giving any technical support for the preparation of the jobs in his discipline.
* Contact OEM Technical support for assistance in Turbo-generator package fault resolution and follow up with OEM & Onshore support team in clearing all the issues on the equipment.
* Assists specialists working under Specific Maintenance Contracts (SMC).
* Ensures that the COMPANY's HSE regulations are respected and enforced (especially procedures related to Work Permits), as well as approved operating procedures and standard industry practice during performance of maintenance operations placed under his responsibility.
* Leads interventions using the CMMS and checks intervention reports in the CMMS (including those concerning SMC) and writes the technical reports related to his field,
* Ensures that the transfer of knowledge by mentoring occurs properly within his teams, and actively participates in training of subordinates
* Carries out, at the MTMC Site Rep. request, any intervention within his field of competence.
* Takes charge of the systems under his responsibility in case of breakdown until operational

Desired Expertise and Skills:

Oil & Gas production process
- Plant Integrity Management System, Codes, Standard
- Condition Monitoring Techniques
- Mechanical Techniques

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