Training Manager

October 31, 2020

Training Manager

Name of Employer: EnergyWorks

Job Title: Training Manager

Contract Type: Full-time

Job Location: Mozambique

Job Description: 

The Manager Training is responsible for the accurate provision of the Training Services of EnergyWorks’ Skills Academy, amongst others with regards to Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Food Safety, and associated management systems that are deemed relevant, as well as with regards to specialized training that will be needed in the upcoming Oil and Gas industry, as well as in transport and logistics sectors.

Job Requirements:

University degree (masters or bachelor degree)
· Solid experience in training management
· Recognized training abilities (through post-graduate courses)
· Solid experience delivering SHEQ responsibilities
· Creative mind with an eye for innovation

Key Responsibilites:

1. Manage the Training Department by undertaking the following activities:
· Home-grown courses:
o Preparation of Pedagogical documents, including curricula, manuals, assessment of training materials
o Organization of the entire training provision process: recruitment of trainers, assessment of trainees, preparation of schedules and timetables, training monitoring and supervision
· Training provided by contractors:
o Identification of required course offer for Mozambican market
o Identification and selection of potential providers,
· Ensure that training always takes place in accordance with the identified requirements
· Manage and undertake Training Needs assessments for clients and development of associated Training Plans
· Ensure the implementation of continuous improvement actions resulting from the monitoring process
· Issuance of training certificates
· Preparation of Evaluation Reports
· Support the Commercial Department in preparing proposals

2. Department Leadership and Company Development
· Manage the staff of the Training Department diligently and assure its sound development in view of future market needs
· Strategically contribute to the sound development of EnergyWorks in the market by providing suggestions and inputs, and assist with implementation where relevant

Desired Expertise and Skills:

· Fluent in English
· Good communication skills
· Team builder

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