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Dear donor,

On behalf of the African Energy Chamber, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your donation.

Please take note that this email acknowledges receipt of your donation.

Your donation will support some of our current initiatives, including;

• Job creation and retention in the energy sector
• Increasing exploration activity in Africa
• Reducing red tape across the energy value chain
• Fighting for transparency and the sanctity of contracts
• Promoting sensible and market tested local content regulation
• Promoting gas to power investments as a means of reducing emissions and promote industrialization
• Ensuring that Africa’s voice is heard, in the ongoing global energy transition debate
• Working together with OPEC on an Energy Poverty Initiative to increase access to energy in Africa
• Increasing investments into Africa’s energy sector by facilitating pubic private partnerships
• Ensuring that energy projects are carried out in an environmentally acceptable manner

We value your contribution. This kind of impactful work only is possible with such support. A strong energy sector will create good jobs and economic growth, in turn generating revenues that will help African countries and communities address issues of debt, economic development, energy poverty, unemployment and social program, education and healthcare funding.

We hope that your organization will continue supporting our initiatives in the future.

Thank you once again.
African Energy Chamber

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