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Afrika Umoja provides emergency relief across Africa amid COVID-19 crisis

The AEC is supporting this initiative across the continent.

Planned as a Non-profit initiative Afrika Umoja is tackling the COVID-19 crisis across Africa by creating temporary spaces in which medical experts can operate in addition to a range of intervention products. The organization unites event industry professionals to facilitate emergency medical relief efforts necessitated by the pandemic.

A collaboration between event organizer Africa Oil & Power and exhibition architects Hott3D, Afrika Umoja – which is Swahili for ‘Africa United’ – is focused on bringing medically sound infrastructure & products to areas that need to rapidly contain and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

“We have the capability to build temporary medical facilities, clinics and shelters to combat COVID-19, in partnership with government, the private sector and local entrepreneurs, at an expedited pace,” says Afrika Umoja Director, Katie Brock.

Supported by the African Energy Chamber, Afrika Umoja is currently in discussions with international authorities and is prepared to build COVID-19 relief structures at short notice across the continent.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on the pace of the development of many African countries. Although we started out the year with great optimism and big plans, it seems a lot of it will be delayed. We have no choice but to be resilient and work through it,” said NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the African Energy Chamber. “We are delighted to join hands with Afrika Umoja in an effort to play our part in providing support where we can,” he added

“This is a pan-African effort. It must involve in-country suppliers as much as possible to assist with economic stimulus while at the same time creating accessible and medically feasible infrastructure. We aim to provide the infrastructure within which medical experts can perform their duties very quickly,” says Liam Beattie, Co-Founder of Afrika Umoja.

He adds that the initiative will push private and government funding to provide basic infrastructure that medical interventions and relief efforts will need across Africa.

“This could range from temporary intensive care facilities to testing centers to temporary housing solutions and items as small as sanitising stations for widespread use,” he notes.

Post-crisis, all equipment can be repurposed for other use such as conference and exhibition facilities, schooling structures and clinics.

If your organization is interested in working with Afrika Umoja to build medical or accommodation facilities fast in your community, or if your organization is interested in providing funding, contact Liam Beattie; [email protected] or Katie Brock; [email protected].

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