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At The Forefront Of The African Energy Industry We uphold a results-focused business environment for companies operating in Africa’s dynamic energy industry. The African Energy Chamber works with indigenous companies throughout the continent in optimizing their reach and networks.

Strategic Roadshows

To support government, national and private oil, gas and energy companies to raise capital and attract the right partners for their projects, we organise strategic roadshows in key investment hubs such as China, India, Singapore, Australia, North America, Western Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

“The African Energy Chamber was instrumental in making our EG Ronda 2019 Roadshow in Beijing a real success, ensuring we meet the right investment partners and working seamlessly with our team in Malabo. We are delighted to work with them again for our Year of Investment initiative in 2020.”

H.E. Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons, Equatorial Guinea

Investment Outreach

With Africa’s investors basket constantly diversifying and expanding, the African Energy Chamber undertakes a year-long active investment outreach program to key regions such as Asia (India, China, South East Asia), Russia, the Middle East and North America.  Our investment outreach strategy is focused on strategic and targeted working visits introducing Africa, its markets and investment opportunities to selected investors and companies.

Industry Knowledge

In Africa, where access to data and market information is a challenge for a lot of investors, we put our resources at the disposal of the industry to bring you the latest insights into the developments affecting the oil & gas sector.

Our annual African Energy Outlook has become a reference for the industry. As our partner, you also gain access to a series of leading insights and reports from the Chamber such as:

Industry newsletters
Quarterly reports
Sector alerts

Our market knowledge and insights address core issues pertaining to Africa’s oil & gas sector such as local content, fiscal regimes and industry regulations, natural gas and climate change.

“This document is our analysis of where Africa’s oil and gas sector
currently stands and our forecast of what 2020 holds.”

Verner Ayukegba, Senior VP for International Policy, African Energy Chamber

Networking functions

Whether in Dakar, Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg, we are present across the continent’s energy markets and are able to gather key industry stakeholders around the issues and topics that shape our industry.

Training and capacity building

Building up capacity across Africa’s oil & gas sector, supporting the development of local content and ensuring that industry growth leads to jobs creation is at the core of our mandate as a Chamber. With our partners, we frequently organize workshop and training programs tailored to the needs of governments, national oil companies and the private sector on a wide range of topics including technical, legal and financial capacity building.

Policy implementation and advocacy

With our partners and network of experts across all fields of the oil & gas value chain, we support the development and implementation of key policies and regulations that make Africa a better place to do business while ensuring that local companies and communities benefit from the continent’s natural resources. From the development of energy and gas master plans to the implementation of local content strategies, the Chamber assist the public and private sector in all their policy needs in Africa.

International events and forums

Whether through our own events or with our leading industry and events partners, we are part of the best international forums and investment conferences across Africa and beyond.
Our partners benefit from exclusive discounts to attend such prestigious global events, be part of the conversations shaping the future of Africa, and find the right opportunities to grow their businesses.

“The African Energy Chamber is a true advocate of Africa on the international stage. Its constant efforts to put our continent at the
forefront of global energy transformations will go a long way in giving Africa the representation it truly deserves as place of opportunity.”

H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, Secretary General, OPEC

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