Liberia Bid Round 2020 is Marked by Strong Local Participation

September 7, 2020

Demus E&P, a 100% government-licensed Liberian-owned oil & gas exploration and production company recently announced that it was one of the local companies that had received its prequalification notice from the Government of Liberia to partake in the Liberia Bid Round 2020. “We are [excited to be] seeking an international oil & gas firm to partner with for the round. We are also seeking 5% – 15% working interest in several lucrative blocks in the Harper Basin. We have created what is the premier Liberian owned petroleum E&P team capable of giving partners a competitive edge in the bid round,” said Founder & Managing Partner of Demus E&P LLC, Mickael Boimah Johnson.

The Government of Liberia through the regulator LPRA is offering nine offshore blocks in the Harper Basin, one of the last unexplored frontier basins in the world. An excellent 3D seismic dataset is available via TGS and an integrated well data study by Core Labs provides an detail look at what Dermus E&P learned from drilling 17 wells from 1975 – 2016.

Demus E&P is part of several local Liberian companies seeking to secure assets during the round, and which will ultimately require an international partner to meet financial and technical requirements of exploring and developping Liberian assets. The prequalification of local companies for the round is extremely encouraging and a sign of strong local commitment to make energy work for Liberians and create jobs and local capacity as the industry develops.