TSAVO Oilfield Services signs Strategic Partnership with PMO Global Services

August 14, 2020
  • TSAVO Oilfield Services (‘’TSAVO’’) and PMO Global Services (‘’PMO’’) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to provide high-quality Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Process Safety Management for the East African market.
  • This partnership comes at an exciting time in the region’s Oil and Gas, Renewables and Mining sectors, as well as major construction projects such as pipelines.
  • Under the agreement, TSAVO and PMO plan to create and offer:
    • HSE Management Systems and HSE Auditing,
    • Regulatory and Compliance Management,
    • Project-dedicated HSE Personnel from Directors to Field Supervisors,
    • Environmental Supervision and Oversight including Impact Assessments,
    • Safety Engineering, and
    • Local content and Training Initiatives.

TSAVO and PMO are dedicated to be assisting in developing local content and gender diversity to drive economic development and bridge gaps that exist in the Oil and Gas, Renewables and Mining sectors.

TSAVO Oilfield Services (“TSAVO”) and PMO Global Services (“PMO”) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to provide high-quality Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and Process Safety Management for the Eastern African market. Both organizations bring strong reputations for delivering quality products and service in the East African energy sector and vast knowledge in the African and international landscape.

Under the agreement, TSAVO and PMO plan to create and offer complete HSE Management solutions, from Management System development through to HSE personnel placement, Safety Engineering and strong local content and training initiatives.

As part of the partnership, both companies look forward to developing opportunities including but not limited to the oil and gas, major capital construction projects, mining and minerals, hydro, renewables, governments, NGO’s, utilities, storage facilities, pipeline projects, drilling, seismic and many other targeted sectors.

PMO is an accredited organization and is well-known for their depth of talent and international experience in well over 20 countries.

‘’Stakeholders, People, Environment, Assets, Production and Reputation. These are what we care about. We work with you and your personnel to develop, implement and foster the systems and people that ensure the protection of these critical elements.’’ – Paul Raynor, P. Eng. and President of PMO.

‘’We proudly serve the Oil and Gas, Geothermal and Mining sector within the Eastern African region which enables our strategic partnerships to be crucial in our participations and in projects within the Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique regions. We are excited to be sharing our capacities and ensuring that transition takes place in the energy sector.’’ – Elizabeth Rogo, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of TSAVO

As the African energy sector transitions into a new and exciting phase of growth, TSAVO and PMO have expressed their commitment and excitement with this new collaboration that capitalizes on African investment, local content and empowering people and organizations across the East African region.

About TSAVO Oilfield Services

TSAVO Oilfield Services is a premier energy services company founded in 2017 with their head office in Nairobi, Kenya. They proudly serve the oil and gas, geothermal and mining sectors within the Eastern African region. Strategic partnerships are crucial in their participation in projects within the region – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique. Their experienced group of consultants bring a wealth of proven international and regional experience, appraisal, development and production.

About PMO Global Services

PMO is a world-leading HSE and Process Safety Management company, founded in 2003 and based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They have successfully worked with over one hundred clients in over 20 countries from Canada to Iraq to Chad and everywhere in between. Experienced and dynamic, their team understands limited resources, time and budgetary constraints. Their team will work with you to navigate through your challenges and provide clear and concise direction that will keep people safe.