Indigenous companies

  • Advisory and training services for individuals and firms

  • Create new jobs

  • Build community partnerships

  • Promote economic development

  • Expand to international markets

Governments and public sector

  • Assistance to enact supportive legislation

  • Advice on establishing beneficial tax and incentive policies

  • Enforce anti-corruption measures

  • Devise and implement local content policies

  • Create frameworks for collaboration with other states and the business community

International companies

  • Assist in expansion to new African markets

  • Build relationships with indigenous suppliers and service providers

  • Government relations with public sector partners

  • Advice on legal frameworks

  • Build community partnerships

Why join the AEC?

Members of the African Energy Chamber have the power to shape Africa’s energy future by promoting growth, fostering collaboration, shaping policy, and providing leadership and guidance in the fast-growing energy sector.

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