At The Forefront Of The African Energy Industry

We uphold a results-focused business environment for companies operating in Africa’s dynamic energy industry.

The African Energy Chamber works with indigenous companies throughout the continent in optimizing their reach and networks. Our partnerships with international dignitaries, executives, and companies allow for relevant servicing to other international entities looking to operate within the continent.

The African Energy Chamber brings willing governments and credible businesses together to continuing growth of the African energy sector under international standard business practices.

Africa is a Powerhouse

With a standard aggregate growth projection expected to continue for the next 15 years, Africa is in the preliminary position of capitalizing on this growth through strategic partnerships and trade. Reduction in barriers of entry in the energy sectors has ushered in more opportunities for new players to profit from our resource rich continent.

In developing the energy sector through initiatives, African nations should focus on developing a natural gas market that will service as the foundation of Africa’s energy industry. We focus on establishing a strong domestic trading market in this regard.

We believe in Africa, her people, natural resources and potential. Now is her time to shine in the global energy market.

Why join the AEC?

Partners of the African Energy Chamber have the power to shape Africa’s energy future by promoting growth, fostering collaboration, shaping policy, and providing leadership and guidance in the fast-growing energy sector.

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Natural resources are a pedestal for building nations, economies and wealth

Through building a strong network driven by common interests, the African Energy Chamber is determined to improve the landscape of the African energy sector, and explore the continent’s full potential in a way where our people benefit first.

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